First Down Camp

In recognition of National Youth Sports Week, Diamond Hill North Side Youth Association will offer a free First Down Camp for children ages 4-12.

First Down Camp will be held on Saturday, July 13th from 8AM to 10AM at Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School, located at 1411 Maydell St, Fort Worth, TX 76106.

This free event, part of USA Football’s First Down initiative, introduces children to the fun and fitness of football by teaching the basic skills of running, jumping, passing and catching in an upbeat, dynamic environment. First Down skills and drills are aligned with USA Football’s Football Development Model, a forward-thinking framework for children to learn the sport in a developmentally-appropriate manner and fun atmosphere.

“First Down Camp makes learning the basics of football fun for kids who already love the game and those stepping on the field for the first time,” said Gerald Shelbon, Director at Diamond Hill North Side Youth Association. “National Youth Sports Week is a great time to consider getting your child in the game.”

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About Diamond Hill North Side Youth Association

Diamond Hill North Side (DHNS) Youth Association provides youth sports, youth development and athletic opportunities for youth in the North Fort Worth community. The mission of the DHNS Youth Association is to foster physical and intellectual development of youth, as well as engage kids in leadership, sportsmanship, self-respect, and life enrichment. DHNS Youth programs enable children to improve their health, embrace fitness, develop talents, nurture new interests, build social skills, learn sportsmanship and prepare to compete at the highest levels. 

About USA Football: USA Football designs and delivers premier educational, developmental and competitive programs to advance, unify and grow the sport. As the sport’s national governing body, member of the U.S. Olympic Committee and organizer of the U.S. National Team for international competition, USA Football partners with leaders in medicine, child advocacy and athletics to support positive football experiences for youth, high school and other amateur players.