Wellness Initiatives

Transfortmation – Blue Zones Project Fort Worth

DHNS Youth Association has proved that a small organization can make a big impact on healthy behaviors. By partnering with Blue Zones Project Fort Worth, the organization has sparked an interest in eating wisely, moving naturally, and being involved with the right tribe. Whether it’s through the parent walking group or offering healthier snacks that fuel youth athletes, DHNS Youth Association inspires a life of health and wellness in the community. View the campaign

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Power Play – Eat Healthy. Be Active.

Power Play is a community-based initiative designed to motivate and empower children and families to increase their fruit and vegetable intake and physical activity. The Power Play initiative implements activities and messaging in environments where children live, learn, and play. It includes youth engagement projects and community outreach.

For more information on these programs, email: info@dhnsyouth.org.