DHNS Youth Association Partners with Blue Zones Project Fort Worth

DHNS Youth Association continues its partnership with Blue Zones Project Fort Worth during the 2018 season.

By partnering with Blue Zones Project, DHNS Youth Association has sparked an interest in eating wisely, moving naturally, and finding the right tribe. DHNS Youth has implemented many aspects of the Power 9 to their organization – nine principles practiced by those who have lived the longest in the original Blue Zones areas.  Whether it’s walking together during practice or offering healthy options at game day concession stands, the youth association inspires a life of health and wellness.

As part of the city’s healthy living initiative, DHNS Youth incorporated Walking Wednesdays and nutrition education for parents during practices, as well as gets kids moving year-round through youth sports programs. Blue Zones Project Fort Worth recently featured DHNS Youth programs in some of its marketing materials and media.

  • DHNS Walking Wednesday was recently featured in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Read the article
  • DHNS Youth Association President Roxanne Martinez took part in a video to celebrate the initiative. Watch the video
  • DHNS Youth parents are featured in a billboard in the neighborhood (pictured below).

To learn more about Blue Zones Project Fort Worth, visit fortworth.bluezonesproject.com